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D1 datasheet & user manual

D1_Datasheet_V0.1(Draft Version).pdf

D1_User_Manual_V0.1(Draft Version).pdf

D1 Nezha · Tina SDK, released by Quanzhi original factory

Version: v1.0 Time: May 1, 2021 Update Description: Based on Linux 5.4 kernel, self-developed Download the source code as follows:

Please go to the following source code:

D1 Nezha · rvboards opensdk, released by rvboards open source technology group

Version: v0.2

Time: May 12, 2021

Update Description: Debian system, Linux 5.4, lxde desktop environment

Image download address:

【Debian Desktop system】

Upgrade burning method:

D1 Nezha hardware information

Schematic diagram: D1 Nezha development board schematic diagram 20210224.pdf

Tag map: Nezha tag map of D1 development board 20210224.pdf.pdf

Computer tool software

Because Quanzhi's burning tool is commonly used by them, they used it directly without looking at the explanatory materials. The effect was ok, I used "total erase upgrade" mode. USB flash brush tool:

Full chip card brush tool:

Other information

Introduction of pingtouge c906:

The latest development of risc-v board level open source hardware is in rvboards!