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Debian system burning and mirroring software source configuration

Version update introduction

For information about version updates, please refer to:

Burning method


This document describes booting the Debian system on the RVBoards-D1-Nezha development board.

The files RVBoards_D1_debian_min.img and RVBoards_D1_debian_desktop.img are included.

    username: root
    password: rvboards

Required System Environment

Windows(recommend win10);


Hardware:SD card, recommend 32GB

Required Image Files

RVBoards_D1_debian_min.img Just a basic Debian image file

RVBoards_D1_debian_desktop.img Debian image file with GUI included

PhoenixCard software installation (requires windows environment)

Burning the kernel image

Start RVBoards-D1-Nezha

inserting the SD card and powering up

if burning the RVBoards_D1_debian_min.img image file, need to connect the serial port.

If burning RVBoards_D1_debian_desktop.img image file, insert HDMI port and power on into Debian desktop.

Caution: you need to update the system time before executing apt-get **related commands.

Command (example):

    date -s “20210512 19:59:00”

Mirroring software source configuration

For related questions, please refer to the link: