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Smart Car

Hummingbird-based smart cart

Project name:Hummingbird-based intelligent cart

Specific requirements:Based on PERF-V development board to complete the intelligent cart to achieve automatic tracing and obstacle avoidance functions.

The system adopts PWM wave generated by FPGA to regulate the speed of the cart, infrared sensor detects the black trajectory on the road and feeds the detected signal to the FPGA, which issues a command from the collected signal to control the motor drive circuit of the cart to adjust the driving direction, so that the cart can automatically travel along the black trajectory, while using the ultrasonic module to detect the obstacles in front of it in real time. Realize the obstacle avoidance and tracing function of the trolley.

Trolley installation steps

First, the car motor universal wheel installation.

The nut must be installed on the inside of the cart or the side will obstruct the wheel operation. Universal wheel installation needs to take the copper column support.

Second, the installation of the servo and tracking module.

The servo is fixed to the chassis of the car through the tray and connected to the tracking module through the copper column. The light of the tracing module needs to be perpendicular to itself as shown in the figure (the light of the tracing module is originally forward)

Third, the installation of the drive module.

The driver module needs four copper pillars to be erected, two points and the corresponding points of the chassis can be fixed.

Fourth, the perf development board installation.

The hole at the edge of the board needs to be fixed with copper pillars, two of the points need to be fixed with the chassis hole, and the chassis can be fixed by simply taking the copper pillars.

Fifth, the installation of the battery box.

Battery box with screws aligned with the hole can be fixed (fixed a hole can be)

Six, the final ultrasonic probe to be connected to the rudder disk with the servo, and then installed on the servo.

When installing the rudder disk must pay attention to the screws cannot be too tight, otherwise it will touch the rudder affect the steering of the rudder.

Note: the wiring should be correct (especially the power supply), otherwise it may burn the motherboard

Wiring table

Bill of materials for smart car