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R&D production tools

R&D Production Tools

【D1 datasheet & user manual】

D1_Datasheet_V0.1(Draft Version).pdf

D1_User_Manual_V0.1(Draft Version).pdf

【D1 Nezha-Tina SDK, Quanzhi original release】

Version: V1.0

Date: May 1, 2021

Update Note: Based on Linux 5.4 kernel, Quanzhi self-developed

Source code download method see:

Next source code please go to:

【D1 Nezha - RVBoards OpenSDK, RVBoards open-source technology team release】

Version: V0.2

Date: May 12, 2021

Update Note: Debian system, Linux 5.4, LXDE desktop environment

Mirror download address:

【Debian console】

【Debian desktop system】

Upgrade burn method:

【D1 Nezha - Hardware Information】

Schematic diagram: D1 Nezha development board schematic diagram 20210224.pdf

Bit Number Diagram: D1 Development Board Nezha Bit Number Diagram 20210224.pdf.pdf

【Computer Tools and Software】

Quanzhi's burn-in tool, as they are common, did not read the instructions, so I used it directly. The effect is okay, I used the "full erase upgrade" mode.

USB onboard FLASH brush

Quanzhi chip card brush tool:

Other Information

Introducing the Pinto C906:的规格书