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Basic Introduction

This document describes booting the Debian system on the RVBoards-D1-Nezha development board.

The files RVBoards_D1_debian_min.img and RVBoards_D1_debian_desktop.img are included.

username: root
password: rvboards

Required system environment

Windows (win10 recommended).

Software part:PhoenixCard Hardware part: SD card, 32GB is recommended

Required image files

RVBoards_D1_debian_min.img is just a basic Debian image file RVBoards_D1_debian_desktop.img contains the GUI Debian image file

PhoenixCard software installation (requires windows environment)

Click on PhoenixCard.exe for the card making software installation.

Burn the kernel image

Start RVBoards-D1-Nezha

Insert SD card and power on; if burn RVBoards_D1_debian_min.img image file, you need to connect serial port; if burn RVBoards_D1_debian_desktop.img image file, insert HDMI port and boot into Debian desktop. Note: You need to update the system time before executing apt-get **related commands; Command (example)

date -s “20210512 19:59:00”