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Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet

Project name:Gigabit Ethernet.

Specific requirements:Data transmission is done via Gigabit Ethernet.

A high-speed port to 2.54 interface adapter board is used in the design, and the detailed design is as follows

System design:

Implementation process:

1:Change the source MAC address in the code to the MAC address of your own computer. If you don't know the mac address of your PC network card, check it in the DOS command window with the ipconfig-all command.

2:The Ethernet module is connected to the development board through an adapter board, and the pin assignment is as follows after connection.

3:Modify the IP address of the PC to The IP address of the PC needs to be the same as the one set in the transmitter module (ipsend.v), otherwise the PC will not receive the UDP packets sent by the development board. Of course, the user can also change the target IP address in the code.

4:In the DOS command window to bind the IP address and MAC address of the development board, (because the test project does not support ARP protocol, so only through this IP and MAC binding to force the development board IP address and MAC address associated together, so that when the PC sends a packet to, the target MAC address is automatically the development board's (MAC address.)

Run the command:arp - s ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff

View command:arp -a

5:Install the network packet capture tool Wireshark, we can use this tool to view the data sent and received by the PC network port during the experiment.

6:Open the packet capture tool after the project is off the board, select the packet capture interface. (Select the last one)

7:Start grabbing packets, you can see the data captured and the number of programs sent consistent.