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On-chip temperature acquisition

On-chip temperature acquisition

Project name:chip on-chip temperature acquisition

Specific requirements:PERFXLAB is displayed when there is no switch open, switch one displays on-chip temperature, switch two displays on-chip voltage.

System design: This experiment first transmits the configuration through the IIC bus to light up the LCD; after successful configuration, the on-chip temperature/voltage data of XADC is read out, and the same IIC bus is used to transfer data to the LCD to complete the chip temperature acquisition.

Implementation process:

1.Connect the development board and LCD1602 according to the pin assignment.

2.Generate a bit stream to download to the development board, the LCD can display. Switch all off to display PERFLAB, open switch one to display the chip temperature, open switch two to display the chip voltage. (If the display is unstable press the reset button)

Pin assignment is as follows:

Download the program to the development board, to achieve the function.