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Introduction to Hummingbird

Hummingbird Introduction

The Hummingbird E200 is a compact processor core that is "small but complete" with open-source source code and informative documentation, making it ideal for teaching or self-study in RISC-V processor design (using Verilog language) for college and university students.

Hummingbird E200 is designed for extremely low power and small area scenarios, and is ideal for replacing traditional 8051 cores or Cortex-M series cores in IoT or other low power scenarios. The CPU cores deliver the highest power efficiency and lowest cost in the industry, with power and area comparable to comparable ARM Cortex-M cores.

Hummingbird project files and related documentation can be downloaded at:

The developers of the Hummingbird E200 have written a Chinese book to explain and illustrate it in detail. The book "Hands-on CPU Design - RISC-V Processor" is the first Chinese book that systematically introduces the RISC-V architecture in China.